Get a Better Response with QR Codes and Direct Mail Marketing


One of the points we continue to stress here on the Watson Printing blog is the relationship between online and print advertising. Nowhere do these two essential avenues of marketing go together better than with QR (Quick Response) codes and postcards.

Because smartphones and tablets are so quickly becoming the preference these days over desktop and laptop computers, the opportunity to merge mobile and direct mail gives your typical postcard advertisement the extra zing that could be the difference between winning and losing a new client.

qr-code-iphoneA QR code clearly printed but revealing nothing is like  a secret code, we, as adult consumers, need to break. So for example, if a client has moderate interest in your postcard, he or she might not toss your postcard in the recycle bin thanks to the QR code. As long as that postcard remains on a desk, there’s always the chance they’ll call.

What Should My QR Code Link To?

1. A landing page. This is a specific page on your website (or hosted separately) that a client can go to and read more about what you can do for them. Let’s face it: There’s only room for a headline and a few sentences on a typical 4 x 6 mailer. But a QRcode can lead to a page with enough copy on it to make a great argument for why they should use your product or service over your competitors.

2. A registration page. Planning an event or seminar that requires a sign-up? Your QR code can take the client directly to the registration page before he or she forgets.

3. A video. A scanned QR code that leads to a YouTube video can be a winner for your business. People love to watch videos. Sure, they’re mostly cat videos, but if you’re clever enough you may win over a new client.

Need help creating a QR code or postcard campaign? Get in touch and we’ll help you get the most of your direct mail marketing.

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