Promotional Products for Tech-Savvy Clients


In last week’s post, we talked about paper and technology working together, not exclusively. This week we’re featuring promotional products for those who want to promote their businesses to clients who rely on tablets, laptops and smartphones to get through the workday. Putting your logo on these items will impress those clients who are used to getting traditional ballpoint pens and letter openers — not that there’s anything wrong with them.

Check out these high-tech gadgets and accessories. Your customers will be sure to remember you every time you use them.

1. Combo Pen and 2 GB Flash Drive. This elegant pen conveniently hides a powerful 2GB flash drive to transport files that may be too big to email. The top of the pen has plenty of room for you to display your logo. This is one of the most popular items for customers who enjoy a classy pen that efficiently doubles as a portable file storage unit.

Pen and Flash Drive

2. USB Car Charger. Place your logo on a unique gift that will be used daily by commuters with smartphones, tablets and laptops. Your clients will love arriving to work with a fully charged phone every day. Ever use your phone or iPad as a GPS device? Then you know how fast it drains your battery. Once you slide the charger into to your car’s cigarette lighter you can plug in your mobile device and charge as you drive.

USB charger

3. iPad Portfolio. Become super-efficient with Web and email access while taking notes as your iPad is safely protected with a beautiful portfolio case. Proudly display your company’s logo and impress your clients with your professionalism and style.


IPad portfolio


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