A Paperless Society? Don’t Count On It


Welcome to the new Watson Printing Company blog. I thought we’d start by giving our opinion on a question we’re commonly asked: Will paper become entirely obsolete in the near future?

It’s a question that deserves consideration. After all, advances in technology combined with the rising awareness of living a “green” lifestyle have lessened the need for paper over the years. That said, we don’t see paper going away all that easily, and we’re not alone.

email vs mailWe embrace technology. We’re constantly upgrading our software, computers and copiers. We can’t live without our smartphones and iPads.┬áBut we also know that attempting to write with a chunky stylus on a piece of glass doesn’t come close to the smooth precision of writing a thank you note or to-do list with a ballpoint pen. To date, no one has come up with anything to rival the effectiveness of a simple business card.

Why give up paper for electronics when you can have both? That’s why we’re here. We’re traditionalists. Call us crazy, but we don’t expect you’ll be emailing your wedding invitations anytime soon. We love reading e-books if they’re novels, but when it comes to finding a certain paragraph in a non-fiction training manual, nothing’s faster than flipping through the sections with your fingers to find it. I know, we’re so primitive sometimes.

We’re all for going green. We recycle. We don’t print out emails or anything else we can read online unless it’s absolutely necessary. We have no problem paying bills online. Yet sometimes, a business letter with your printed logo sent on your corporate letterhead is necessary. It’s real. It’s tangible. It makes an impact that can’t be ignored or easily deleted. As we said, there’s room for both electronic and printed media. That’s why we don’t see ourselves living in a paperless society anytime soon.

We look forward to posting news, ideas and opinions on this blog in the coming weeks. We’ll feature clever and unique promotional products and show you ways to build your brand through the use of promotional products and printed materials. If you haven’t already, check out our Facebook page and give us a “like.”

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