Design & Layout

Business Card Design

Have a project in mind and don’t know where to start? Need a logo designed for your new business? We can help.

After more than 35 years in business, we can say with confidence that we have met and worked with some of the best graphic designers in the Boston area. Depending on your project, style and budget, we can recommend the design professional who will be the perfect fit for your needs.

Logo Design

Creating a unique identity for your business is critical. Your logo separates you from your competition and helps people remember you long after you’ve met. It appears on all of your marketing collateral, from your business cards to your invoices. Tell us about your company and your vision, and we’ll match you up with an ideal graphic design professional.

Layout and Typesetting

If you’re putting together a catalog, yearbook, brochure or annual report, we can take your electronic files and create a document that incorporates your brand and adds design elements to produce a professional, high-end look that will impress your intended target markets.

Design is Complete. Now What?

Once your logo is created and you’re ready to show the world, here are some suggestions to get your business off the ground with the help of the Watson Printing Company:

letterhead • business cards • envelopes • pocket folders • mailing labels • newsletters • brochures • job applications • training manuals • postcards • flyers • coupons • gift cards • note pads • promotional products • invitations • social announcements • greeting cards • calendars • booklets • and anything else you can imagine!

 Call us at 781-237-1336 to get started.