5 Ways to Improve Your Business Card

When you meet a prospective client and hand him or her your card, what does it say about your company? Does it represent your business? Does it impress or gain trust?
Here are a few simple tips and tricks to make your business card work like a small billboard for your business.
1. Choose the Right Paper. Attorneys and doctors prefer traditional cotton-based cover stock, typically Strathmore bright white. They avoid loud colors and glossy paper. No attorney wants to be perceived as slick as coated business card. On the other hand, a glossy card is often the choice of tech companies, marketing firms and others. Still, others prefer raised print business cards, which we can provide.
royalty-free-3d-vector-business-card-design-with-blue-teamwork-icon-by-beboy-1022. Revisit Your Logo. Company logos are always evolving. In 2008, Wal-Mart spent untold millions of dollars putting a contemporary  spin on its logo and changing every sign on its nearly 9,000 storefronts. The goal is to keep your look fresh while strengthening your brand. If you feel your logo is outdated or needs a new look, we can help.
3. Use the Other Side. Why cram everything on the front of your card and leave the back blank? Take advantage of the extra space to be creative. Add additional designs, a color flood coat, a quote that represents your business, or a link to your blog. Some prefer to leave the blank space to write notes on the back of a card. That’s fine, but ask yourself this: Are you sacrificing information that could land you a new client in favor of offering someone space to write a grocery list?
4. Promote Your Social Media Presence. Is your business represented on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ or  Instagram? Put those logos and a link to your business pages on these social media platforms. Some people prefer to view your social media sites more than your traditional website. Get the word out to show your social media presence.
5. Use QR Codes. QR codes are great for linking to videos, landing pages and other places on the Internet. Did you know you can create a QR code that will instantly add your contact information into a clients smartphone upon scanning? Need help with QR codes? Get in touch.

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